Don’t forget to buy your raffle tickets!

raffle ticketsDid you know that we’re giving you the chance to vote for your favorite eighties icon and win prizes at the same time?

Each audience member at the Burlesque Battle Royale will receive one free raffle ticket at the door. Simply drop your raffle stub (don’t forget to keep your half!) in the Prince or MJ ballot box to cast your vote.


ballotde83189903ac214c6da618b2c2a3dd58Stuff those ballot boxes by purchasing extra raffle tickets! Not only will you be tipping the scales for your favorite star, but you’ll get even more chances to win one of our amazing prize packs!

At the end of the night we will choose one winner from each artist’s ballot box to win amazing Prince and Michael Jackson themed gift bags including awesome Prince and MJ merchandise, as well as generous donations from our sponsors at Tuesday Tease , Champion Party Supply, Display and Costume, and Babeland Seattle!

Questions about our raffle or the voting process? Leave them in the comments!


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