Meet the Producer of Burlesque Battle Royale: Lyla Dread

Lyla Dread is the driving force of Dreadful Girl Productions. Lyla graduated from Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque in 2010, alongside such local superstars as Kutie La Bootie of Stripped Screw Burlesque. She performed with Gorejess Gals Burlesque for just over a year and did several solo performances before settling into the role that captured her heart: Producing.

In 2011 Lyla’s Burning Man camp approached her about producing a burlesque show as a fundraiser for a large-scale art project. Lyla gathered her Burlesque 101 graduate class, along with a few others, and raised over $800! From that point on, she was officially bitten by the producing bug. Lyla still performs occasionally, but her true passion is creating elaborately goofy plotlines with the help of her husband Thrill Gates, using Seattle’s talented pool of burlesque performers and improvisers to drive the stories and titillate audiences.

You can see a list of Lyla’s full list of producing credits in the Past Shows section of our web site, but even a die-hard producer gets to step out in front of the audience occasionally…

Don’t miss Lyla on stage in
Burlesque Battle Royale!   

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