Indiana Bones and the Lips of Destiny

Indiana Bones and the Lips of Destiny May 1st/2nd, 2014
Julia’s on Broadway, Seattle WA

Move over Lucas and Spielberg, there’s a new action-adventure dream team in town and they’re not joking around. Well…maybe a little. Sara Dipity and Peppermint Bratty (under the name Lyla Dread) brought their brand new original burlesque play, Indiana Bones and the Lips of Destiny: A Burlesque Adventure, to Julia’s on Broadway in May of 2014. Inspired by George Lucas’s series of films about a handsome, adventurous archaeologist, the show starred local improviser Kesan Holt (ComedySportz) as Dr. Indiana Bones. When a fortune teller with unusual methods, played by Stripped Screw’s Kutie La Bootie, sendt Dr. Bones and his sidekick (Sara Dipity) on an adventure to find the Lips of Destiny he encountered such mystical marvels as the Fountain of Youth and the Lost Tomb of Aphrodite. Did Dr. Bones uncover the clues necessary to find the Lips of Destiny? Or did villainess Elizabeth Richmond succeed in her plan to take down our rugged hero and claim the Lips as her own? Only those who attended know for sure!


Kesan Holt


Sara Dipity, and Elizabeth Richmond.

With Burlesque Performances By:

Peppermint Bratty (as Lyla Dread)
Kutie La Bootie
Lady Drew Blood
Flirty Sanchez
Nikola Tease-la
Blithe Nite
Eva Fairwood
and Alexa Perplexa

With Appearances By:

Queenie O’Hart
and Lana Milk-n-Honey

Written, Directed, and Produced by:
Sara Dipity
Peppermint Bratty (as Lyla Dread)