Thriller: A Burlesque Horror Story

Thriller: A Burlesque Horror Story February 5th/6th, 2014
Re-bar Seattle

Picture this: It’s 1982 and Seattle’s hottest radio DJ, Eddie Van Glam, has gotten his hands on the newly released Michael Jackson Thriller album! The renegade shock jock is going to break all the rules and play the album all the way through! But let’s hope he’s had his flu shots, because outside of the safety of his DJ booth, a deadly virus is sweeping through Seattle that gives its victims an insatiable hunger for BRAAAAAIIINNNNS…

In February of 2014, Seattle audiences were treated to this epic event as they rooted for our here while a bevy of beauties strutted their sparkly stuff to the sounds of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album.

With burlesque performances By

Scarlett O’Hairdye
Minni Bobbins
Lana Milknhoney
Lady Drew Blood
Magnolia Monroe
Florence Wetmore & Faye Doe Doe

Special appearances by

Kai Curtis
Carlotta Shakin
Bunzy Ovenns

Written by

Kai Curtis
Peppermint Bratty (formerly Lyla Dread)

Produced and Directed by

Peppermint Bratty (formerly Lyla Dread), Dreadful Girl Productions