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Meet the cast: Tamara the Trapeze Lady

Burlesque and Trapeze by Tamara the Trapeze Lady

IMG_0098 Tamara “The Trapeze Lady” has been spreading love, lust and glitter from above since 1993.
She’s played London.
She’s played France
They’ve all seen her underpants.
Thailand, Spain and Italy have all been left more glittery
Her Aerial feats leave them breathless.
She dazzles with her wit.
Her bawdy antics leave them pondering, “Who’s she kidding with that “Lady” bit?”
Tamara “The Trapeze Lady”, Seattle’s original Aerial socialite is always a lady, even when she’s on the floor! Wink Wink.

Tamara’s other Dreadful Girl Production credits include

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Announcing The Thriller Experience!

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Salsa N Seattle dance studio and Scare Productions to present The Thriller Experience. Now YOU can be a part of the action and show off your love for MJ by participating in the Thriller dance finale! The Thriller Experience includes a front row seat, souvenir poster and keychain, Thriller dance class, professional zombie makeup application, and the opportunity to come on stage to perform in the finale.

The Thriller dance class will be held at the Salsa N Seattle studio (1200 Stewart St) on May 16th from 3:30-5pm. Please note that if you cannot make this class you won’t have any other opportunities to learn the dance, so please keep this in mind when purchasing your ticket.

Zombie makeup provided by Scare Productions, producers of Nightmare At Beaver Lake. For more information about the Nightmare or to inquire about volunteering, go to Scare.com.
Dance class courtesy of Salsa N Seattle. For more information about Salsa N Seattle, go to salsanseattle.com
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