Faye Doe Doe

Step Inside The Vault!

Dreadful Girl Productions invites you to peek into the cobwebbed corners of our past.

FayeFaye Doe Doe comes from deep in the heart of Texas—where the stars aren’t the only things that are big and bright! A proud graduate of Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque, she has dreams of taking Seattle by the bosom and squeezing hard. Faye has always loved the stage and began her She loves her fellow performers so much she could just EAT THEIR BRAAAIIINS! You’ve been warned.


Faye’s Dreadful Girl credits include

Thriller-Poster-3 Thriller: A Burlesque Horror Story
(February 2014)

lgc mid Let’s Go Crazy: A burlesque thriller based on the music of Prince
(February 2015)

poster-vistaprint-adjustments Burlesque Battle Royale: Michael Jackson vs Prince
(May 2015)