Kutie La Bootie

Kutie La Bootie Kutie La Bootie is one part of the dangerous dames of Stripped Screw Burlesque. She has been performing, choreographing, producing and generally raising hell with these irreverent vixens since 2011. Burlesque has given Kutie an opportunity to bring her unique creativity and humor to the stage while delivering unforgettable performances.

Kutie La Bootie is the “Ass of the Night” and both her curves and red hot humor will hit you like a ton of bricks so watch out!

Kutie’s Dreadful Girl credits include

poster-vistaprint-adjustments Burlesque Battle Royale: Michael Jackson vs Prince
(May 2015)

lgc mid Let’s Go Crazy: A burlesque thriller based on the music of Prince
(February 2015)

poster Indiana Bones and the Lips of Destiny
Co-production with Sara Dipity as Dipity Dread Productions
(May 2013)