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Meet the Cast: Faye and Flo

Faye Doe Doe and Florence Wetmore as the DISorderlies

_MM_6645Faye Doe Doe and Florence Wetmore have been performing their campy, comedic, and occasionally dark burlesque since 2013, when they met at Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque. In 2014, they decided to enter into the world of producing, establishing Top Down Presents. With one successful show under their belts, look out for their next production on April 4th at The Skylark in West Seattle!

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Let’s Go Crazy: A burlesque thriller based on the music of Prince

Meet the Cast: Lady Drew Blood

Burlesque by Lady Drew Blood

_MM_7587 Lady Drew Blood is “Seattle’s Burlesque ASSET”. She has been entertaining since 2005, and is a member of Seattle based troupe Stripped Screw Burlesque, best known for their Disney After Dark series. She is also one third of Closer to Broads, a rock’n’roll burlesque production group. Drew came from a roller derby background, and in tandem with burlesque, brings her kick ass style to the stage. She has been seen in notable Seattle productions such as Whedonesque Burlesque, Accio! Burlesque, Tuesday Tease, Pretty Haute Machine, Thriller: a Burlesque Horror Story, The Burl-X Files, The Seattle Burlesque Games (at which she won most consistent assel twirl 2 years in a row) Burlesque Behind the Pink Door, and many others. She is best known for delivering a diverse style with her performances. You never know what to expect when she hits the stage, but by the time she leaves you will find yourself emotionally charged, with a giggle or a gasp.

Upcoming shows:
Roadside Attractions! March 6 & 7 @ Annex
Disney After Dark March 26, 27, 28 & 2, 3 4 @ Columbia City Theater

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Let’s Go Crazy: A burlesque thriller based on the music of Prince

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emotionheader5783175733Our cast and crew love to hear your feedback, and we’ve given you a way to do it. Long after the Facebook pages have sunk into the background, the Let’s Go Crazy guestbook will be here for everyone to give and receive all of the love!

Meet the Cast: Les Manley

Air Guitar by Les Manley

chuck3 From the dusky backrooms of Seattle’s swankiest speakeasies comes the legendary entertainer, Les Manley. At home in L.A. Penthouses and Tin Pan Alleys alike, Les will be your evening’s prophet of decadence. With the promise of thrills, spills, frills, and swills, there is no way to prepare yourself for the dark journey ahead. The scars may fade, but the memory will echo forever.

You catch Les in his upcoming shows:
March 3rd – Punk Rock Bingo @ Georgetown Liquor Company
March 4th – Highline w/Chaotic Noise
Every Friday and Saturday Night – Secret Street Show w/ Chaotic Noise

And, of course…

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Let’s Go Crazy: A burlesque thriller based on the music of Prince

Meet the Cast: Donatella MeLies

Burlesque by Donatella MeLies

image Inter-dimensionally renowned burlesque super weirdo Donatella MeLies is an assault on the senses! Wether she’s in the spotlight or in your lap you’re in store for an intimate encounter of the transformative variety. Inspired by the depraved and the curious and finding beauty in what others would throw away or simply do not see. She’s been turning trash into treasure and leaving audience wide eyed with their jaws on dirty bar room floors since birthing herself out of a garbage bag so many years ago. When she’s not on the road taking over the world with her special breed of in your face, brain melting, booty shaking magic making she resides in LaLaLand California. You can find her verbally, mentally, physically and sexually accosting crowds of astonished and adoring fans every Wednesday night at the Bootleg Bombshells variety show in Venice Beach (Bootlegbombshells.com). Look for Donatella MeLies on her World Domination Tour 2015 coming soon to a planet near you!

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Let’s Go Crazy: A burlesque thriller based on the music of Prince

Meet the Cast: Kutie La Bootie

Burlesque by Kutie La Bootie

Kutie photoKutie La Bootie is one part of the dangerous dames of Stripped Screw Burlesque. She has been performing, choreographing, producing and generally raising hell with these irreverent vixens since 2011. Burlesque has given Kutie an opportunity to bring her unique creativity and humor to the stage while delivering unforgettable performances.

Kutie La Bootie is the “Ass of the Night” and both her curves and red hot humor will hit you like a ton of bricks so watch out! You can catch her next in Stripped Screw Burlesque’s smash hit “Disney after Dark” at the Columbia City Theater (March 26,27 & 28, April 2,3 & 4).

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Let’s Go Crazy: A burlesque thriller based on the music of Prince

Past performers discount

1011868_10151847377385855_105748631_nDreadful Girl shows would be nothing without the amazing cast of performers, and we want to show our love. Contact Lyla (Productions @ dreadfulgirl.com) for a past performer discount code and get into Let’s Go Crazy for only $15!

Let’s Go Crazy helps support renegade marching band Chaotic Noise

Are you coming to closing night on Saturday? Bring your dollars, because we’re having a raffle! Our dear friends, Chaotic Noise Marching Corps, are raising money to get to a huge marching band festival in Texas called HONK!TX, and we’d love your help. The band has generously donated a great bag of prizes worth over $100, including a rhinestoned flask, pendants, and t-shirts. And, best of all, the winner of our Chaotic Raffle will receive a free performance for their party or event!

Meet the Cast: Billy Scream

Starring Billy Scream as Dr. Scream

Billy Scream FX A-4 Billy Scream has been performing on the burlesque stage since 2003. When he is not tearing off his clothes and causing explosions of various flashy substances from his nipple and crotchal regions, this Filthyminded Fancylad can be found outside your window, waving a bazooka and singing his fool heart out, expounding at length to no one in particular about the socio-political underpinnings of Ursula K. LeGuin and Scooby Doo, or fast asleep in a burlap bag at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. DO NOT WAKE HIM.

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Let’s Go Crazy: A burlesque thriller based on the music of Prince

Meet the Cast: Mitzy Sixx

Burlesque by Mitzy Sixx

Photo by Ruby Whiines

Photo by Ruby Whiines

Since 2009, Mitzy Sixx has left audiences screaming, laughing, and a little confused at times (on purpose). She has performed with the likes of The Atomic Bombshells, The Tempting Tarts, Jacqueline Hyde Productions, and The Pinup Angels. In 2012, Sixx began working as a rotating stage manager at Pink Door’s weekly show “Burlesque Behind The Pink Door” in Seattle. She made her debut at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2013 as a back-up dancer for Jo “Boobs” Weldon, as well as a stage kitten & fashion show model. She attacks the stage with bravado, aggression, & carnality…you’ve been warned.

For more info, contact mitzysixx@mitzysixx.com

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Let’s Go Crazy: A burlesque thriller based on the music of Prince