Meet the Cast: Les Manley

Air Guitar by Les Manley

chuck3 From the dusky backrooms of Seattle’s swankiest speakeasies comes the legendary entertainer, Les Manley. At home in L.A. Penthouses and Tin Pan Alleys alike, Les will be your evening’s prophet of decadence. With the promise of thrills, spills, frills, and swills, there is no way to prepare yourself for the dark journey ahead. The scars may fade, but the memory will echo forever.

You catch Les in his upcoming shows:
March 3rd – Punk Rock Bingo @ Georgetown Liquor Company
March 4th – Highline w/Chaotic Noise
Every Friday and Saturday Night – Secret Street Show w/ Chaotic Noise

And, of course…

Don’t miss Les in
Let’s Go Crazy: A burlesque thriller based on the music of Prince


Let's Go Crazy


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