Meet the Cast: Donatella MeLies

Burlesque by Donatella MeLies

image Inter-dimensionally renowned burlesque super weirdo Donatella MeLies is an assault on the senses! Wether she’s in the spotlight or in your lap you’re in store for an intimate encounter of the transformative variety. Inspired by the depraved and the curious and finding beauty in what others would throw away or simply do not see. She’s been turning trash into treasure and leaving audience wide eyed with their jaws on dirty bar room floors since birthing herself out of a garbage bag so many years ago. When she’s not on the road taking over the world with her special breed of in your face, brain melting, booty shaking magic making she resides in LaLaLand California. You can find her verbally, mentally, physically and sexually accosting crowds of astonished and adoring fans every Wednesday night at the Bootleg Bombshells variety show in Venice Beach ( Look for Donatella MeLies on her World Domination Tour 2015 coming soon to a planet near you!

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