Posts from February 26, 2015

Did you see the show and love it? Post to our guestbook!

Our cast and crew love to hear your feedback, and we’ve given you a way to do[…]

Meet the Crew: Magnolia Monroe

Assistant Producer Magnolia Monroe Magnolia Monroe is a scrumptious dish that will leave your lips smacking and[…]

Meet the Cast: Les Manley

Air Guitar by Les Manley From the dusky backrooms of Seattle’s swankiest speakeasies comes the legendary entertainer,[…]

Meet the Cast: Donatella MeLies

Burlesque by Donatella MeLies Inter-dimensionally renowned burlesque super weirdo Donatella MeLies is an assault on the senses![…]

Meet the Cast: Kutie La Bootie

Burlesque by Kutie La Bootie Kutie La Bootie is one part of the dangerous dames of Stripped[…]

Past performers discount

Dreadful Girl shows would be nothing without the amazing cast of performers, and we want to show[…]