Meet the Crew: Magnolia Monroe

Assistant Producer Magnolia Monroe

024HiResWMMagnolia Monroe is a scrumptious dish that will leave your lips smacking and your mouth watering. This old money honey is as sweet as syrup and as succulent as a fine sip of Brandy. This southern belle infuses every act with extravagant taste and a zest for classic-style burlesque. Whenever she leaves the stage this petite, luscious blonde will always leave you fully sated and yet still craving another bite.

Magnolia graduated in August 2013 from Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque as The Kentucky Dandy. Since then, she has joined Seattle’s cream of the crop by kittening, volunteering, and burlesquing across Seattle stages. Magnolia recently shared her appetite for performing in the Oregon Burlesque Festival at Dante’s in Portland. If you are looking for a full-flavored experience which leaves the tongue tingling be sure to follow Magnolia Monroe on Facebook at

In addition to performing burlesque, Magnolia Monroe also does event photography. She offers over 10 years experience and affordable rates. Contact Magnolia at for more information and booking inquiries.

My upcoming shows are kind of sporadic at the moment and so I typically just tell people to follow me on Facebook, but here they are if you wish to mention any or all of them:
Performing in Roadside Attractions at the Annex Theatre on March 6th and 7th
Stage Managing for Goblins and Glitter (A return to the Labyrinth though Burlesque) at Theatre Off Jackson on May 22nd and 23rd
Performing in Wheel of Tease at Re-Bar on November 21st

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